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Gavin Payne

Chief Inspiration Officer; Designated Non-Competing Broker & Owner

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Before I even received my California real estate license in the mail, I started my career by completing a 6-month internship, of sorts, with one of this areas most prolific sales agents. Acting as Driver, House Assessor and General Assistant, this allowed me to learn the right way to manage and serve all manner of individuals and properties. The moment my license arrived, I was off and running. Armed with this knowledge and a desire to serve, I began exploring every possible avenue to lead generate. At the same time, I needed to pay my new mortgage, so I took on odd jobs for listing agents in the office — every thing from weed abatement and painting to junk removal, giving me a first hand appreciation for a sellers home and knowledge on how to prepare for market.

Working with my friends and a local sphere of influence, I began to see success, selling 6 homes my first year, 18 the next, then 25 and 45 — until I had built a consistent stream of satisfied clients and friends. My dedication to hard work and learning and adapting to the market and needs of my clients paid dividends during the off years (aka. recession). I found ways to serve and educate my friends and sphere about options to manage short sales, foreclosure and sometimes just helping them realize now is just not the right time to sell. I was one of the top producing agents in the region during this time, building a small team with a full time licensed assistant and support agents. It was in building the team that I found my passion, educating and mentoring agents. Seeing the results of mentoring leading to success for the agents on my team showed me that I had the skill and passion to build a successful real estate office.

Opening the doors of HAVEN PROPERTIES in June of 2013 was one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life. Quickly building a group of dedicated agents while continuing to sell at a high level was a thrilling time and the company sales volume grew quickly. By 2016 HAVEN PROPERTIES had grown to roughly the same sales volume of its competitors and I realized we had all reached a plateau in volume, each of us competing for the same business and not being able grow any further.

Along came Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate — the brain trust at Realogy Brokerage Group offered me an opportunity to define BHGRE for our local communities. The brand is not just a real estate brand, it’s a lifestyle brand. Let’s face it, no one is thinking about or entertaining using Compass unless they are considering buying or selling. But Better Homes and Gardens has been in everyones home for decades. The trusted brand for all things home 365 days a year. A way to connect with our friends, past and future clients in a genuine and relevant way…every day.

Using the resources, tools and management support of Realogy has allowed me to grow HAVEN PROPERTIES to one of the most successful brokerages on the Central Coast. Our agent count and number of office locations serving our community continues to grow year after year and our market share along with it. Finally in 2019 after 3 years of continuous growth I was able to step away from selling in the field and focus 100% of my attention on building true partnerships with my agents business, mentor, educate and support their success.

To me the value of working for a non-competing broker or manager is simple. It wasn’t until I made the commitment to no longer focus on selling that I realized that no matter how much I helped the agents who worked with me, I was competing against them. Even if not directly, my time, resources and energy was split. Today my daily tasks are easily defined by one thing — agent success. Certainly without it, the company is not successful but more over I can create a true business partnership with my agents and support all of their business need. 100% of my passion, time and the company’s time and resources is dedicated to mentoring, educating and supporting the agents how work with me.

My goal is to elevate the level of real estate professionals across the Central Coast, not just at HAVEN PROPERTIES but all real estate professionals.